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Why is "Words of Love" so cheap?

We strive to promulgate the Bahá’í Writings, therefore our business model does not aim at making profits, rather at covering the production costs. Our team works on a voluntary basis, the production site is abroad and high orders make it possible to sell these wonderful booklets at such convenient prices. 


What about the quality of "Words of Love"?

In addition to the low prices, it is our major concern to deliver a high qualitative product. All books are colour-printed on high-gloss paper. In collaboration with Esslemont Verlag and their experience top results are guaranteed for our costumers.


What is Dawnbreakers Publisher all about?

It is our deepest wish for the people all around the world to learn about the Bahá’í teachings, because they are a gift to all humankind, and not just to the Bahá’ís themselves. We believe that this vast literature has divine origins and is therefore capable of inspiring and touching the hearts of men. As these Writings transformed our lives, we would like to offer this unique opportunity of self searching to others, as well. It is our hope that these noble and precious gift books as well as our other products will help to proclaim the Bahá'í Faith.


Is there a satisfaction guarantee?

Yes. If you don’t like our gift books, you can just send them back to us and you will be reimbursed.   


Are there any discounts on "Words of Love"?

Yes. For purchases above 400 pieces you will receive 100 pieces for free from us. 


I have an idea for future gift books. Can I present it to you?

Of course! We are constantly looking for good ideas and we would be glad to produce gift books for you.


How can I order books?

a) Via our online shop. We offer Paypal which accepts almost all credit cards like: Mastercard, Visa, American Express...

b) Per wire-transfer. Make an order per e-mail, provide with your name, surname, telephone number, title of the book(s), number of books to order and any further wishes. You will receive a receipt per e-mail. After we receive your payment, the package will be sent to you. Please make sure the information provided is correct!


How much is the shipping?

We only charge 7,90  $ per delivery for USA, 11,00 $ for Canada, no matter how many books you order.


When will I receive the books?

The package will be sent out on the following work day and will be delivered as soon as possible. 


How can I support DawnBreakers Publisher?

The best way you can support us is by recommending our products and our website. Please also join our facebook profile on: DawnBreakers Publisher


What is the Bahá’í Faith?



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-DawnBreakers Publisher is a Bahá'í inspired, non-profit organization-