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Bahai Faith A Way Forward DVD

Beyond King of the Mountain DVD

Inspired Vision - Volume 1 DVD Inspired Vision - Volume 2 DVD
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Baha'i Faith - A Way Forward DVD
Beyond King of the Mountain DVD
Inspired Vision - Volume 1 DVD Inspired Vision - Volume 1 DVD
A documentary about the Baha'i Faith that focuses on faith in action: "Let deeds not words be your adorning" (Baha'u'llah). This documentary profiles the lives of three South African Baha'is from different social and racial backgrounds who each exemplify at least one principle of the Baha'i Faith in action: These principles include: the equality of women and men, the education of (girl) children and the elimination of the extremes of wealth and poverty. A look at the lifestyles and daily choices of these featured Baha'is reveals that the Baha'i faith offers practical solutions to today's global problems. Some of these specific solutions are portrayed first hand as we follow our protagonists who live out their faith through their various careers and pastimes. In short, BAHA'I FAITH, A WAY FORWARD shows how faith can transcend the murmur of prayers and syllables and can translate into concrete steps that promote global unity and prosperity. Introduce democracy and you will solve a nation’s problems, right? If only it were that simple. “By the people for the people” sounds attractive in theory, but its current application is increasingly perplexing analysts, politicians and ordinary citizens all over the world. Democracy as we see it today emerged under a particular set of circumstances at the onset of the industrial revolution in the West. The changes that have happened to our world since have placed new and unexpected challenges on many democracies, both young and old.

But is this really the end of the road? Award-winning filmmakers Leyla and Ryan Haidarian make a case for an evolution in the democratic notion. Beyond King of the Mountain unpacks some of the current challenges many democratic systems are facing and specifically proposes that their future may lie in a win/win, non-adversarial paradigm. The film questions the fact that we have come to view democracy exclusively as a contest and suggests that “by the people for the people” can be realized in other, more inclusive ways…

The videos in this volume were created with the intention to inspire new perspectives on the age-old practice of judging a book by its cover. They feature ordinary and extraordinary people around the globe who have something constructive and always unexpected to offer the world. Whether it's an African boy with a charming flair for exotic languages, an American lawyer who advocates women's rights based on the ideals of a Persian heroine or a British action-figure actress with a weakness for prayer - ideal as fireside starters.

Vidoes included:
An Iranian woman inspires the American justice system
A cross cultural quest for essential truth
Music as a ladder for the soul
The Getaway Girl
A Magical Musician
The Afro-Iranian phenomenon
This DVD features a series of new videos intended to show how people in various parts of the world overcome mental and physical challenges in their pursuit of being servants to the world of humanity. An interracial couple dispels the prejudices of their environment, a group of volunteers go to prison for teaching underprivileged children, a physically challenged woman lives a more productive life than most of us ever will and a successful entrepreneur wholeheartedly adopts a country and its children. These are the stories of ordinary people who are changing the world with nothing short of inspired vision - ideal as fireside starters.

Videos included:
1) THE FUDUS - Opposites attract
2) YOU CAN'T STOP MY LOVE - A vow to my people
3) THE DANCE OF LIFE - Living in spirit
4) KARYN ROBARTS - Designing China's Future



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